About Us

The National League of Women Voters was founded in 1920 to finish the fight after women won the right to vote. Women found they needed to be informed to exercise their right to vote intelligently. The League of Women Voters of Melrose was founded in 1948 as a chapter of the National League of Women Voters. Like the national and state Leagues, the League of Women Voters of Melrose is a non-partisan group that promotes civic responsibility through informed and active participation in all three levels of government: federal, state and local. Men and women are welcome to join.

Throughout its lengthy history in Melrose, the League has focused on encouraging voter and citizen participation in a number of issues central to our lives, among them: education, city management and conservation. The League has been instrumental in bringing about the clean-up of Ell Pond, hiring a qualified city planner, revitalizing the downtown area, acquiring conservation land, and establishing citywide recycling, the Human Rights Commission and the Melrose Alliance Against Violence. League members register voters, hold candidate forums, and produce informational panels about election issues.

Above all, voter registration and voter education remain League priorities. This is the League’s tribute to the suffragettes who had to fight for the right to vote.

Celebrating over 60 years

In 2008, the Melrose League of Women Voters  celebrated its 60th anniversary. To read about our history and accomplishments, please see the Melrose Free Press article about us by Daniel DeMaina:

“Melrose League of Women Voters: 60 years of voter education and advocacy”

To access the article, click here.